Science Observation: Bird’s Nest Day 3

Well lookie there. My kids were right. Tres eggs. There. Now you can say you incorporated a second language into your day. You are welcome.

Bird's Nest Day 3

It’s overcast today – so it was difficult to wedge my camera into the crook of the rock and still have enough light to get a sharp clear shot.

Bird's Nest Day 3

Or maybe I just need to get better at photography. Lucky me, I have a playdate today with a friend who has her own photography business (and is generally amazing). Gonna pick her brain for sure.

Bird's Nest Day 3

The weaving together of all those tiny hairs is just incredible. The kids got right to work documenting their observations and sketching a little what the crisscross hairs look like.

Bird's Nest Day 3

My grandmother polled her friends and suggested our momma bird may be a chickadee of some kind. Any other guesses?

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