Rockets Review Game

My son played this review game with his tutor during our CC community day last year and loved it. It seems to have disappeared from CC Connected, so I attempted to recreate one for our own use. You can utilize it too…if you promise not to laugh at the slightly fuzzy around the edges version I created. My son thinks it’s great – that’s good enough for me.

Rockets Review Game

If you don’t happen to be a CC family, you can still use this game board for spelling review, math facts, just about anything you can think of. It’s a simple way to get in some extra practice. You ask a review question, kids answer, then roll a die to color in a number. Laminate the boards and use dry erase markers to use over and over! Once all the numbers are filled in, you win!

Click below to print without the Dissonant Symphony watermark across the front.

Print Rockets Review Game Board and Instructions

*I love sharing my creations with you, and hope get great use out of them. If you’d like to re-share them, please do so with a link to this page, not a direct link to the game board. Thanks!

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