Cherry Blossoms

Spring came early in the Pacific Northwest this year. The flowering cherry trees were all confused by the unseasonably warm, dry February we had and bloomed wicked early. As a bonus gift from this premature Spring, I received the blessing of seasonal allergies. It’s the first time in my life I’ve been stuffy, red-eyed and generally annoyed over the coming of Spring. Uncool. Beautiful trees are not a sufficient trade off.

Flowering Cherry Trees

Well…maybe. They are gorgeous.

Cherry Trees

Flowering cherry trees and sunny weather are both excellent excuses for a little art time outside though, so my kids took a break from bike riding and chalk pictures to do a little painting. I took a sponge brush and roughly painted a trunk and branches in brown. It was so easy, my 8-year-old could have totally done this part herself. Then I gave each kid a paper plate with pink/red/white paint, let them mix them together and go to town splotching pink petals all over their trees.

Cherry Tree Painting

This was a quick and easy art project that they both enjoyed. My boy finished with far fewer petals than his sister. “The wind already blew a bunch of them off.” was his completely logical explanation. Ha! You could always make a more involved lesson by gathering yourself some blossoms and examining/drawing them in more detail before painting the giant tree.

Cherry Tree Painting

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