Bird’s Nest Photographer’s Trick

I have genius friends. I’m so blessed. Here’s my sad attempt from earlier today. Fuzzy around the edges because there’s not enough light coming in. I think those are eggs. But I’m not sure. They could just be rocks.

Bird's Nest Day 3

And the after. After my amazing friend gave me a little photographer’s trick. Boom. The eggs are much clearer. Sharper. Just better.

Bird's Nest Day 3

The trick? Hold a white piece of paper to reflect some of the light down into the little crevice of the rock. That’s all. Genius. I got a couple more tips I’ll try tomorrow. But I think I’ve hung around the nest too much today already. Don’t want to make momma bird mad. She’ll tell all her friends and one day I’ll be walking along, minding my own business and PLOP! She’ll have her revenge in the form of nasty white goo running through my hair. I know how this goes. I’ve watched Alfred Hitchcock. Birds are devious. Crazy. Not to be messed with.

4 thoughts on “Bird’s Nest Photographer’s Trick

    1. Thanks! It’s a sneaky endeavor. I don’t want to scare away the mother. It’s like stealth photography.

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