Painting Rainbows in the Sky

I found this whimsical, magical idea on Pinterest. Genius in its simplicity, I knew I could recreate it easily with my kiddos. You can too!

Painted Sky

I used a pastel rainbow drawing created by my son. Is it just me, or does that blue person look like they are holding a chainsaw? I had this already, as rainbows are a frequent subject of our drawings/paintings. Feel free to use watercolors, crayons, markers, pastels (we LOVE pastels), colored pencils, chalk…just about any art medium will work.

I took a photo of the rainbow art, and layered it over a photo of my daughter holding a paintbrush. She was a good sport, but had no idea why I wanted her to stand on a ladder in the middle of the yard holding a Statue of Liberty pose.

Painted Sky

A few key strokes in Photoshop and POOF! Painting the sky with a rainbow!

Painted Sky

For full instructions and a step-by-step guide, check out the original idea at Smart Class. What a fun and easy idea!

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