Science Observation: Bird’s Nest Day 27

Happy Monday! A later update than usual because I spent my entire day observing Challenge classes at a local CC community. In a strange twist, one of the classes has an assignment this week to watch birds as part of their Science lesson. More on all that fun in another post. I know you really want the details on our nest happenings. It’s nasty out today and Hydro looks none too pleased about it.

Hydro Day 27

I mean, look at the giant droplets of water above his head. He already looks wet and cold…and he’s about to get it KERPLOP! right on top of him.

Hydro Day 27

Poor little guy. He looks like he’s pouting about the whole situation. I’d almost call his expression a frown. Can birds frown? Where is his mother? Here he is, manning the fort, bravely sitting on his (still) unhatched would-be-siblings, and Gazelle is nowhere to be found.

Hydro Day 27
Hydro fills up the nest now. Maybe Gazelle doesn’t like sharing with such a nest hog. Hope it stops raining soon!

Hydro Day 27

5 thoughts on “Science Observation: Bird’s Nest Day 27

  1. We have a nest on our front door which we have been observing. There are four eggs in the nest, and the mother bird (I think she is a finch of some kind) sits dutifully on her eggs, so long as we don’t open the front door. Then she takes off to the nearest tree!

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