Math Game: Sum Swamp

This is a fantastic game for munchkins embarking on early math. Kids journey through Sum Swamp by adding and subtracting their way along. Travel over the crocodile shortcut and try to avoid the endless loop as your adventures in learning take you down the path of math fact mastery.

Sum Swamp

Recommended for ages 5+, this game is perfect for your little learners just beginning to add and subtract, or for kids struggling to really nail down those early math facts. Sum Swamp also introduces odd/even numbers as you can get “stuck” until you roll odd or even on the dice.
Sum SwampMy kids love playing this game. It has been extremely helpful for my little guy as he develops the skills of focus and attention. The repetition of math facts up to 6+6/6-6 has replaced some of our flash card time – without sacrificing any knowledge. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. I’m a sneaky mother. Getting in math under the guise of a game? Yup. I’m on it.
Sum Swamp

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