No One Like You

In the crowding darkness of sleepy bedtime, with heavily lidded eyes drifting to dreamland, my mother’s voice beckoned slumber with this song. I’ve  continued the tradition with my own kids from their infancy. It is the most requested lullaby at in our home, beating out Mary Poppins classics “Tuppence a Bag” (feed the birds) and “Stay Awake” for top honors. My children have yet to recognize that voice is a pale wisp compared to Julie Andrews. It’s going to be a sad day when they no longer shower me with “Mommy, you sound just like Mary Poppins” compliments at the conclusion of their bedtime songs.

We had an old vinyl record of lullabies that played as we drifted to sleep, stopping to be flipped over just as slumber overcame my wandering mind. The “No One Like You” version my mom sang came from that album. Man, those were the best lullabies ever.

Lullabies Nursery Rhymes

Do you sing to your kids at night? What’s their most requested tune?

No One Like You (my kids request it by asking for “I like your eyes”)

I like your eyes.
I like your nose.
I like your mouth.
Your ears, your hands, your toes.
I like your face.
It’s really you.
I like the things, you say and do.
In all the world…in every town…
You could look both up and down.
And you will never find, it’s true…
Another one, like you.

There’s not a soul,
That sees the skies,
The way you see them through your eyes.
And if you searched…
For miles and miles.
You’d know that no one thinks or smiles…
Or sings or feels or talks…
Or acts or walks…
The very special way you do.
And aren’t you glad?
You should be glad.
There’s no one.
There’s no one.
Exactly like you. (I insert my kid’s names in place of “you”)

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