Science Observation: Bird’s Nest Day 28

Our baby birdie is all grown up. Hydro flew the nest today for the first time. Just his two little un-hatched sibling eggs remained. Kids these days. They grow up so quickly. One minute they are a tiny egg…then poof, they’re flying in the wild blue yonder.

Hydro is gone

At a reader’s suggestion, I put together a little video of our nest journey. Crazy that it’s only been a few short weeks. Enjoy!

I caught sight of Gazelle, perched on an ivy vine, her head turning this way and that, chirping quietly. I think she was keeping an eye on Hydro, who was somewhere nearby. I could hear another quiet cheep in response to her, but try as I might, couldn’t spot our little guy out of the nest.


Last spring, we had a baby bird perched in our rhododendron. I now think that it was a Junco – because last year’s baby bird looks just like Hydro does now. Maybe? Sort of? Hopefully I’ll get a good picture of Hydro outside the nest tomorrow so we can compare!

Last Year's Bird

4 thoughts on “Science Observation: Bird’s Nest Day 28

  1. That was so quick! I can’t remember how to allow youtube videos to play — I’ll have to ask my teens!

      1. We watched it! Adorable! I love how you interspersed your children’s drawings. Still amazed at that rapid growth at the end.

      2. My son’s drawing of Hydro makes me smile every time. This was a great learning journey for them. 🙂

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