Science Observation: Bird’s Nest Day 25

Happy Saturday! Hydro (and the nest) looked a little worse for wear this morning after a mildly blustery night last night. He almost seemed to be shivering, huddled at the back side of the nest. There were bits of nest coming loose everywhere and tufts of his feathers kind of flying around.

Hydro Day 25

He’s fully fluffy now…not a hint of the ugly pink thing he was just a week ago. There’s only one egg next to him, but the other may be underneath staying warm. I didn’t see any pieces of eggshell on the ground beneath the nest, so I have no reason to assume it’s not still in there somewhere.

Hydro Day 2501

As our morning nest visit drew to a close, the kids spotted Gazelle returning clutching a giant bug in her mouth…and within moments of these pictures she was back to keeping her little guy snug and warm.

Hydro Day 2502

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