Science Observation: Bird’s Nest Day 10

At last! After a week of peeking around corners and trying to stealthily sneak a few frames of Gazelle on the nest, I arrived for my morning snoop when she wasn’t there! In this process I’ve discovered something new about myself. I would make a terrible spy. Espionage is absolutely not my strong suit. I’d be captured or killed within 24-hours I’m sure. America is far safer with me at home. Continue reading

Science Observation: Bird’s Nest Day 7

Gazelle has been sticking very close to the nest the past couple days. As in…she’s always on the nest when I take a peek around the rocks. I try not to disturb her as I’m sure keeping eggs warm is  serious business. Nobody likes to be bothered at work. Especially this girl. She gets very antsy if I get close to the nest while she’s on it. Which is all the time. All. The. Time. I wonder if birds store up fat for brooding like other animals do for hibernation. She did seem a little, um…fluffy when I took her portraits a couple of days ago. Unless Gazelle has a man bringing her food, I don’t see how she’s getting anything to eat. Poor thing. Growing babies while on a diet? That life is for the birds. Hahahaha! Continue reading

Science Observation: Bird’s Nest

I have never seen my kids more excited than when they came bounding in from the backyard yesterday. They were jumping up and down, giddy and full of exuberance. So much that I could barely understand their squeals of “Mommy, Mommy! Come outside quick! Hurry!”. I trekked after them, down the path that runs along the rockery and quickly understood their enthusiasm.  There, hidden in a crevice between two rocks, was a bird’s nest with a single pale egg nestled inside.

Bird's Nest Continue reading