Science Observation: Bird’s Nest Day 13

My patience is being tested waiting for these eggs to hatch. I feel like the woman from the old Mervyn’s commercials. Open, open, open.

Nest Day 4

The last egg was laid 10 days ago. So by mid-week, we should have baby birdies. “Should” is a terrible word. It basically means something is going to happen…but probably not in the way you want it to. Ever. Just keep repeating “Patience is a virtue.”. Maybe I should take another nature walk today to take my mind off the eggs that are never going to hatch.


Science Observation: Bird’s Nest Day 10

At last! After a week of peeking around corners and trying to stealthily sneak a few frames of Gazelle on the nest, I arrived for my morning snoop when she wasn’t there! In this process I’ve discovered something new about myself. I would make a terrible spy. Espionage is absolutely not my strong suit. I’d be captured or killed within 24-hours I’m sure. America is far safer with me at home. Continue reading