Blow Up Old Peeps

No. No. No. Don’t explode elderly people. I’m talking about the marshmallow variety. If you still have some sugary sweet Peeps hanging around from Easter, try popping them in the microwave for 20-30 seconds. They balloon up like crazy, much to the delight of any child watching. Fine. You caught me. I’m delighted by this too. Then again, it doesn’t take much to tickle my fancy.

Growing Peeps

My kids made several observations on the texture change of their blown up Peeps as they enjoyed noshing on them. That counts as science…right? If I’d been thinking beyond just the crazy fun of watching things expand in the microwave, I’d have asked for a hypothesis on how large the Peeps would get. And asked other questions too. How much time will it take for them to expand twice their size? Will it shrink once we remove it from the heat? Can we get one to explode completely? POP! Have fun!

Growing Peeps

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