Science Observation: Bird’s Nest Day 23

Lots of excitement at the nest today! As usual, it was occupied when I peeked around the corner, but as I glanced at the fence, another Junco appeared from next door and dropped off some grub. As soon as the food was deposited, both birds flew away. Gazelle to a nearby tree, the other up to the fence line where he sat, glaring at me. All that, and I haven’t even arrived at the exciting part.


I took the empty-nest opportunity to get a good look at Hydro. He’s mostly feathered now and peered at me as I snapped a few photos.


Then I noticed that behind him is an egg that looks to be in two pieces. I think it’s possible Hydro is hiding a newly hatched baby brother or sister back there! Do you see what I see? Or are my eyes playing tricks on me? There’s an intact egg to the far right, but behind and slightly to the left, doesn’t it look like two egg pieces back there?

Hydro Hiding a Sibling?

2 thoughts on “Science Observation: Bird’s Nest Day 23

  1. It does look like pieces! Did you say you were going to do a slide show of one picture a day at the end? I hope so!

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