Science Observation: Bird’s Nest Day 15

A junco was feasting at our window box this morning. His head was much darker than Gazelle’s. It was almost black, rather than the slate grey of our momma bird. After a few quick clicks of the camera, he was gone, joining a lighter headed junco on the fence bordering our rockery.

Birdie Daddy

My excitement could barely be contained as I saw them both sitting there, thinking (foolishly) it meant the babies were here. Joke’s on me. Gazelle’s stint on the fence with her hubby(?) was short-lived as before I could get outside, she’d fluttered off the post and back onto the nest. Where she happily sits on her very unhatched eggs, an evil grin on her beak, laughing at me. I’m starting to think she’s not a very nice bird.

Bird Bombing

We’ve had quite a lot of action at the feeder, despite the tiny bully bird who most frequently comes visiting and pecks at any bird that DARE encroach on “her” seeds. The bird on the far right cracked me up when I saw this picture. It reminded me of that seal bombing photo that went viral a few years ago. What’s up guys?

Happy Wednesday everyone!

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