Classical Conversations Cycle 2 Orchestra and Composers

Over the 24 weeks of a Classical Conversations year, there are none so glorious as the 6 weeks spent delving into orchestra and great composers. Bold statement? Maybe. Classical music is a balm to my soul, a delight to my ears and my greatest joy in tutoring.

For all my CC peeps, I’ve uploaded my orchestra and composers packet to the shared files on C3. Search under wenderbell and it should be the first result.

For older classes, you’ll find listening maps for Beethoven, Brahms and Dvořák. Also, coloring pages and brief bios for the littles. Plus, a few pages on orchestra instrument families and vocabulary for everyone.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions! All the time notations correlate to the CD included in “Classical Music for Dummies”. Enjoy the next six weeks of Romantic and Classical music!

For all you non-CC folks, I’ll be posting these individually with more details in the coming weeks.

11 thoughts on “Classical Conversations Cycle 2 Orchestra and Composers

  1. Hi There! I can no longer find this on C3. Can you please provide a link? I love your resources! Thank you so much!

  2. I love your listening guides. I am on cc connected but I can’t find your guides. I searched under your ussername, could they be anywhere else?

    1. Ummmm. I’ll get on and look. I wonder if they removed them when they did the update for the new edition of the guide?

  3. I love using your listening maps and orchestra packet with my kiddos last cycle. I cannot find cycle 2’s on CC Connected. Is there any other way I could get them from you?

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