Like White on Rice

With one simple feeder, our yard has become “a paradise for birds” says my daughter. I can’t say that I disagree. They’re like white on rice! We’ve observed more birds flocking to our yard in a week, than we’ve seen in nine previous years. Pine Siskins and Chickadees are the most common feeders, but few new friends were spotted in the past couple days.

Pine Siskins

After I incorrectly identified a Pine Siskin, mistaking it for a Finch, my friend Sarah recommended I pick up a copy of Birds of the Puget Sound Region to help me correctly label the birds we see. It’s been very helpful. As an aside, I’ve never seen bigger bullies than these tiny Siskins. Sheesh!

Bully Siskin

The kids search the full color photographs to figure out the breed and mark each bird’s page as they visit. There’s also good basic information and distinctions on most birds for male/female.

Birds of the Puget Sound Region

This Northern Flicker was hanging out on our arbor. I hope he comes back so I can get a better picture. He’s really cool looking.

Northern FlickerNorthern Flicker

Since our bird feeder is right against our window, it’s become a normal part of our day to spy on birds. The kids actually remind me of the dog Dug from the movie “Up”. Only instead of shouting “squirrel!” in the middle of a sentence, it’s “BIRD!”. Look! An actual House Finch!

House Finch
If you have any bird watching tips or tricks, I’d love to hear them. So far, the Grateful Gnome feeder is working really well. No pooping on my walls or windows, no sign of squirrels stealing food and lots of birdies stopping by.

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