The Golden Egg

The Golden Egg is legendary at my parent’s house on Easter. My dad has triumphed over the common child for the past 30 years. The city of Atlantis isn’t lost. My father simply hid it and nobody can find his hiding place. Really. He’s a genius. I hope to be just like him some day.

I decided last year to start The Golden Egg tradition during our morning egg hunt through the house. My kids were 5 and 7. Old enough to really search well. When I sent my dad the following series of photos last Easter-eve, it brought a gleam to his eye and made the dimple in his cheek appear. Those are always excellent signs of his amusement and approval.

Find the Egg

The Golden Egg is simply a large gold (or in my case yellow…because nobody carries actual gold foil lined eggs anymore) egg filled with a dollar amount appropriate for your kids. Our home golden egg has $5 in it. The golden egg at our family gathering ends up with around $50-$75. Big family. Lots of donations.

Golden Egg

It is hidden far better than other eggs. You should make it practically impossible to find. Especially if you are dealing with older kids. One year, my dad buried it in the ground. There was approximately a nickel sized circle of gold peaking through the dirt. On a quarter acre lot. No joke. The key is, nothing needs to be moved to locate the egg. You have to position your body correctly, possibly lie prostrate on the cold wet ground (I’m not saying that’s happened…but I’m not claiming it hasn’t either) to find it, but you don’t have to physically alter anything around you.

Golden Egg

See it? You should consider it a failure on the part of the egg hider if the golden egg is located without at least one clue. I’m pleased to report that my kids needed one for last year’s hunt. I felt incredibly successful. My daughter finally snatched it as she came crawling around the train table (for the fifth time).

Golden Egg Glee

My son however, was not pleased at this turn of events.

Golden Egg Tears

Yes. I’m a horrible mean mother who took this photo before comforting my heartbroken son. It was an excellent opportunity for the “life isn’t fair” conversation. Never fear. He realized his name egg had a quarter inside and perked right up. He’s learned more about monetary value in the 12 months since last Easter. He may not be so easily consoled on Sunday if his sister triumphs again. Ah well. Such is life.


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