Science Observation: Bird’s Nest Day 12

Not so secretly, I wanted to discover baby birds today. Alas. Just Gazelle. Still hunkered down in the crook of her nest. Just Gazelle, giving me the evil eye as I ducked down to see around the rocks.

BroodingAt the kid’s insistence, we have our first bird feeder. Perhaps this is the beginning of my transformation into my mother. I rarely have a phone conversation where she does not yell at the squirrels “Get away from there you bugger!”. Squirrels (as you may already know) are the bane of all bird watchers.

Bird Feeder

Made by Grateful Gnome, this feeder is “virtually squirrel proof”. We shall see. It does seem to be an engineering marvel. It’s positioned in the middle of a window, so I don’t understand how squirrels could possibly reach it. Can the little monsters fly? That said, I have a sneaky suspicion the feeder’s attachment to my living room window may result in a cascade of white goo needing to be cleaned constantly. Yuck. Maybe not. What do I know anyway?

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