Water Filtration Experiment

Ahh The Water Cycle. Always a fun time to do a little hands on science. We decided to talk about filtration and how dirty water ends up clean. Another easy experiment that you probably have all the supplies for. At least, if you drink coffee. Which, I do now. I know. I’m really maturing nicely.

First we needed some dirty water. So we dumped some dirt from the yard into a flower vase filled 2/3 with water. Red solo cup! We’re ready to party!Water Pollution Experiment02

Then we gave it a good mix. Yes. He’s stirring with a pencil. We are incredibly high tech around these parts.

Water Pollution Experiment03

Set up your filtration system with a coffee filter, a funnel and an empty soda bottle (or whatever other clear container you have).

Water Pollution Experiment05

Then slowly pour in the dirty water.

Water Pollution Experiment07

And observe. Mine were far more intrigued with the gunk left behind.

Water Pollution Experiment08

Until they got the brilliant idea that they could double up the filters and do it again…and wondered if they could get the water even cleaner. Love the connections during hands on science!

Water Pollution Experiment13

They even busted out the magnifying glasses to get a super close look. You can mostly see the progression of our water here. Far back is the dirtiest, left a little tiny bit in the bottom of the soda bottle from the first filter and then the front vase is the triple filtered water. Is this how they make triple distilled vodka? Hmmmm.

Water Pollution Experiment16

You can find printable instructions here: Water Filtration Experiment

And, if you are interested in blank science method worksheets to record your findings: Scientific Method Worksheet
Little Scientists Method Worksheet from Wild About Teaching

2 thoughts on “Water Filtration Experiment

    1. Thanks Traci! I love having a schoolroom. It impresses me greatly that so many homeschoolers do such amazing things without one!

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