Devotional – Like Nothing In This World

John 14:27 Peace I leave with you, My peace I give to you; not as the world gives do I give to you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.

I was talking to a friend the other day over Skype (best invention ever) about how amazing the peace of the Lord is. When I happened upon this scripture in my devotional time this week, I knew it was meant for sharing.

Sometimes in our lives we face difficult times. Decisions we wish didn’t have to be made, problems that won’t seem to go away and opposition from seemingly all sides. We’re afraid of the fallout. Worried about the pressure. Often our circumstances seem unfair and out of our control. God’s promise of peace, “not as the world gives” was particularly interesting to me this week in the midst of battling some of my own fears. I started thinking about the difference between God’s peace and the way this world tells us we should have it.

As the world gives:
– Money
– Security
– Approval
– “Happiness”
– Understanding

What jumped out to me is that in the times I’ve felt the most in the center of God’s will and at greatest rest, it’s been completely devoid the word’s requirements for peace. The Lord’s overwhelming peace has come in the midst of the storms when I didn’t understand. It has enveloped me in the face of disapproval from others, when my circumstances would dictate I should be miserable. And usually, I cannot explain why I have such rest. It just happens.

So, this week I would just like to encourage you. Don’t let your heart be troubled. Enjoy the peace that comes from drawing close to God and knowing you’re in His will for your life. His peace is a rest and blessed assurance that nothing the world offers can touch.

7 thoughts on “Devotional – Like Nothing In This World

  1. You have NO idea how much I needed to hear exactly that…..a true God moment. This is exactly where I am….just wow.

  2. Thank you. What you’ve said is so true. I know it in my mind but my heart struggles so much of the time. I need this kind of peace that only God can give right now. I have a 33 year old nephew in the Trauma Unit at Vanderbilt Hospital. He’s been there since Wednesday. He as a fractured skull and brain bleed and had a set back last night. He’s my brother’s son who also lost his youngest son last year to suicide. Please pray God will bring my nephew through this and give our family the peace that surpasses all understanding in the midst of this tradgey. Thank you. Bakerlady keep sharing those great recipes but most of all what you shared today. You never know how God will use you to encourage others through His Word.

    1. Oh goodness! I will certainly be praying for your nephew. What a difficult situation. Glad I could be a small encouragement to you during such a heart wrenching time.

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