Devotional – Deep breath in, deep breath out

Matthew 6:34 Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about its own things. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble.

One day at a time. Just today. That’s all I need to concern myself with.

But it is just so hard!

The past few days I feel a bit like the proverbial chicken missing his head. I suddenly have  many many many things to juggle, and I feel like my hands can’t move fast enough to keep all the balls in the air. For example, yesterday I went down to my church to work on a few things I needed to do. I got a lot accomplished and felt great, until I got home and realized I’d forgotten to drop of my husband’s bass guitar so the worship team could use it. “Oh well, I’ll just take it down tomorrow morning after my workout” I thought. This morning, after running 4 miles and getting a good sweat on with some weights, I headed down to the church, bass in tow. As I pulled into the parking lot, I couldn’t figure out why on earth there were so many cars there. Until I realized…it’s Thursday…MOPS day. And I was supposed to be at the church two hours ago. Not only that, but now, instead of dashing into the building and dumping the bass on stage in an empty auditorium, I was going to be walking in to a room full of women…matted hair, drenched in sweat, un-showered and having to explain why I was showing up at the tail-end of MOPS. The gals at my table laughed with me and totally were great about it all. The situation was especially funny since today’s topic was “self care”, and that’s exactly what I’d been doing…taking care of some me time with a treadmill.

All that to say, my mind is a little occupied as of late. Mostly with all the things I’ve got to get done in the coming couple weeks. I’m really not a worrier normally, but that my friends, is exactly what I’ve been doing the past week or so. Worry. This passage from Matthew made me realize, stressing about what needs to be done isn’t going to get anything accomplished. All it will do is rob me of today. I need to slow it down, and trust the Lord for today — and not let tomorrow steal what He has in store for me in the moments of this day. Right now.

But how? Trusting God doesn’t just happen. I have to decide that’s what I’m going to do. Rather than allow all the responsibilities of life to pile on and make me feel that I can’t handle it all, I need to remember that I’ve got the best partner in the world. The Lord is there to guide and direct me, and He does not stress about anything. Whew. Deep breath in, deep breath out. Focus on God Tonya, let the worries about tomorrow fade away as you train your mind to relax into His capable hands.

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