Devotional – Coming Clean

Luke 10:42 But one thing is needed, and Mary has chosen that good part, which will not be taken away from her.”

So, it’s time to fess up. I haven’t done my devotional time in 4 days. The week prior to that was very hit or miss. I have all the normal excuses. My kids have been sick, I’ve been sick. Too much crammed into the day. Going to bed late. House is a mess. Errands to run. Ultimately, I just haven’t been making time in my day to spend with God.

The first line in my devotional today was “Trust me enough to spend ample time with Me, pushing back the demands of the day.” Um, yeah. Good to know the Lord is still paying attention in my life. Could there be a more perfect “welcome back”? I love the feeling that swept over me as I read the passage in Luke about Mary choosing time with the Lord. It was like God was saying to me, “I’ve missed you. Thanks for coming to see me again.”. Like an old friend, no matter how much time passes between visits, you pick right back up where you left off. I feel like God has been sitting, waiting for me to be with Him, wanting my company, but willing to wait for me to make the time.

It’s really so comforting to be in His presence and know that He’s not waiting with a stern lecture about how long it’s been. At the same time, I feel very convicted about allowing so many things to fill up the space I had previously reserved for the Lord. Dishes, laundry, workouts, bills, kids bathed/dressed etc. As much as I have to do, none of it should be more important than my time in His word. Placing God’s time ahead of all else starts my day in the right perspective. Which can only lead to properly prioritizing the rest of my daily activities. So today is a new start, a fresh clean slate. I’m back to making God first. I’m sure the laundry will still be there after my quiet time.

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