Science Observation: Bird’s Nest Day 14

On a garden walk around my mom’s bursting-to-life yard, I spotted a little Chestnut-backed Chickadee, who obliged my camera bug and stopped for some photos. How considerate.

Chestnut-backed Chickadee

What a sweet little bird.

Chestnut-backed ChickadeeStill no news from our Dark-Eyed Junco babies. My rugrats “saw Gazelle and her husband having breakfast” in the yard this morning. A quick check on the nest confirmed three eggs and no Gazelle. Shortly after I came in, we saw a Dark-eyed Junco hopping along the fence, fluttering down and returning to the nest. Glad I got a look without disturbing her. I’m starting to think these eggs may be like a watched pot. Speaking of being watched, we had our first visitor at the window bird feeder today. A little house finch with a flash of yellow. **I’ve been informed by a very good friend and avid bird watcher that this is a Pine Siskin, not a finch. Told you I know practically zip about birds! Thanks Sarah!**

House Finch
Did you know the official Washington State Bird is the American Goldfinch? I didn’t. My eight-year-old informed me of this fact. Thought I’d pass it along so you can appear smarter than your kids. That ship has already sailed for me – but you may still have time.

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