Resurrection Eggs

It’s come to my attention that not everyone has traditions upon traditions to draw from during holidays. Since Easter is just a week away, I thought I’d spend the next few days sharing a few of our Easter traditions. Starting with Resurrection Eggs. Resurrection Eggs are a way for even the youngest children to learn the story of Easter. We’ve been using these puppies since my oldest was only three. Twelve eggs have a symbol inside that help remind kids (and adults too) of the events leading up to the crucifixion, resurrection and ascension of Jesus Christ.

You can purchase a set, but I think kids retain the information and appreciate these eggs all the more if they have a hand building them. I’ve included a printable to help you on your way creating your own set of Resurrection Eggs.

Resurrection Eggs

First you’ll need:
12 plastic eggs, numbered in Sharpie 1-12
An empty egg carton

Print Instructions for Resurrection Eggs

Each of the items serves as a prompt – as long as it reminds you of that point in the story, go for it. The specific symbol doesn’t have to exactly match my suggestions. There are scripture references as well as simplified explanations on my printable. You can tailor your Resurrection Eggs depending on the age of your kids/how familiar they are with the Biblical account of Easter.

Resurrection Eggs

There are wide variations for Resurrection Eggs. Some include a piece of sponge, purple robe, spices or a sign reading “King of the Jews”. Some set-ups end at the resurrection. Mine includes the ascension. Decide for your own family what parts of the story you want to highlight, and build your eggs from there. You can choose to print out the scripture references and include them in your eggs – or proceed from memory once you’ve learned what each item represents. Whatever you do, enjoy repeating the grace-filled, amazing story of Easter as a family!

Ideas for using Resurrection Eggs:
1. Do a 12 Days of Easter countdown/advent. Open one egg per day, focusing on that part of the story.
2. Have your kids go on a scavenger hunt to find the items needed for your eggs. They’ll be surprised to find out these household things tell the Easter story.
3. Do all 12 eggs on Easter morning!
4. Tell the Easter story with the eggs as often as you want leading up to Easter. Encourage your kids to use different voices and characters as they tell the story.

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