Devotional – The Neck

1 Samuel 25:17 Now think it over and see what you can do, because disaster is hanging over our master and his whole household. He is such a wicked man that no one can talk to him.”

These words were spoken to a man’s named Nabal’s wife. Her husband had treated David badly and at that moment the future King was on his way to teach Nabal a lesson. Actually, David was going to kill him – and all his household. The servants of the house came to Abigail (Nabal’s wifey) to plead for her to take charge. To do something quickly to prevent the horror about to descend on them all. So what does Abigail do? She starts baking. Seriously. Read for yourself!

She puts together a PILE of food and hurries out to the oncoming angry mob. Then she proceeds to do some sweet talking, basically saying her husband is an idiot and pleads with David not to do anything he’ll regret later. She calls on his sense of justice, begging him to allow God to place judgement. And she feeds them. Bellies full, tempers cooled, David and his men realize they aren’t in the mood to exact unholy revenge head home.

Now, there’s always those people (men) who like to use the Bible to say that women should be kept in their place. And that place is basically doing whatever men say to do. I love stories like this where you can see the unique way God has gifted women. Here you have a husband, being a jerk, ticking off a really powerful guy. Here comes his wife to the rescue. She knows exactly what to do, what to say and  how to protect herself, her family and her future King from lashing out in anger and hurt feelings. I don’t see her getting permission from hubby-dear to give away all his food, and make things right.

This story has reinfored to me that God values me. Just as I am. I believe my husband is the head of my household. He gets to make decisions. He also gets to suffer the ultimate consequences for those decisions. Abby successfully stayed her husband’s death by David’s hand, but God still took care of him in the end. She couldn’t change the fact that his actions had displeased God, and since he wasn’t about to apologize, God made things right. Which went pretty badly for old Nabal. Just because I’m not the head, doesn’t mean I’m not important. I love the line from My Big Fat Greek Wedding…the man may be the head, but the woman is the neck.

So today, I thank God I’m a woman. I thank Him for creating me to be strong, intelligent, mindful of others feelings, pursuasive and passionate. I refuse to let others make me feel in some way inferior because I’m female. Especially since I know the Lord values me greatly…after all, what good would a head be without a neck?

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